My name is Katie Sanden and I have been lashing for a little over two years. I found my passion for eyelash extensions after graduating from Baldwin Beauty School in Austin, Texas. Soon after graduating, I was trained and certified by Minky’s Eyelash Extensions in classic and volume. Although I continue to use the Minky’s products, I have expanded and also use products from Lash Box LA. These top-of-the-line products are completely animal cruelty-free. The lashes are synthetic mink, made of perfectly soft and very light polyester with a black finish imitating a true natural lash. If preferred, it is possible to specially order any other color. Before I begin the client’s first full set, I will conduct a thorough consultation. During this time we will decide what curl, length, and shape will best suit the client’s eye. Once decided, we will begin! The appointment is so relaxing that most clients fall asleep! Your appointment will give you a much-deserved moment of relaxation and unwinding. Once the set is complete, you will love the myriad of ways that professional lashes enhance your beauty, increase eye contact, and boost your confidence on a daily basis. You will also be happy to discover that your morning routine becomes quick and easy!